Tuesday, 27 December 2011

JavaDB Tools

Java SE 6 contains various tools that you can use to start, stop, access, and administer JavaDB.
Some of the JavaDB tools are:
  1. server: Starts the JavaDB database.
  2. ij Represents a JDBC scripting tool.
  3. You can use ij to run scripts against a JavaDB database.
  4. You can also use ij to run SQL queries.
  5. You can use ij to access JavaDB running in both the embedded and client/server environments.
  6. sysinfo: Displays information about the JavaDB version and the environment.
  7. dblook: Generates and stores the Data Definition Language (DDL) to a file.
  8. In Java SE 6, the server, ij, sysinfo, and dblook tools are packaged in the derbyrun.jar file.
  9. You can locate the derbyrun.jar file in the <JAVA_HOME>/db/lib directory.

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