Saturday, 24 December 2011

Running the SavingsAccountEJB Example

Setting Up the Database

The instructions that follow explain how to use the SavingsAccountEJB example with a Cloudscape database. The Cloudscape software is included with the J2EE SDK download bundle.
  1. From the command-line prompt, run the Cloudscape database server by typing cloudscape -start. (When you are ready to shut down the server, type cloudscape -stop.)
  2. Create the savingsaccount database table.
    1. Go to the j2eetutorial/examples directory
    2. Type ant create-savingsaccount-table.
You may also run this example with databases other than Cloudscape. (See the Release Notes of the J2EE SDK for a list of supported databases.) If you are using one of these other databases, you may run the j2eetutorial/examples/sql/savingsaccount.sql script to create the savingsaccount table.

Deploying the Application

  1. In deploytool, open the j2eetutorial/examples/ears/SavingsAccountApp.ear file (FileOpen).
  2. Deploy the SavingsAccountApp application (ToolsDeploy). In the Introduction dialog box, make sure that you select the Return Client JAR checkbox.

Running the Client

  1. In a terminal window, go to the j2eetutorial/examples/ears directory.
  2. Set the APPCPATH environment variable to SavingsAccountAppClient.jar.
  3. Type the following command on a single line:
    runclient -client SavingsAccountApp.ear -name
          SavingsAccountClient -textauth
  4. At the login prompts, enter guest for the user name and guest123 for the password.
  5. The client should display the following lines:
    balance = 68.25
       balance = 32.55
       456: 44.77
       730: 19.54
       268: 100.07
       836: 32.55
       456: 44.77

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