Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Using the ij Tool

The ij tool enables you to connect to a running JavaDB server and execute scripts and queries against a database.
The command to use the ij tool is:

java �jar derbyrun.jar ij

Commands of the ij Tool
CommandDescriptionDriverLoads the specified JDBC driver.ProtocolSets the specified protocol to use for connecting to a database.ConnectEstablishes a connection with a database.Set ConnectionSwitches from the existing connection to a different connection specified with a connection name.Show ConnectionsLists all active connections.DisconnectDisconnects the current connection, a connection specified by a connection name, or all active connections.Show SchemasLists all schemas present in the current database.Show TablesLists all tables present in the current database.Show ViewsLists all views present in the current database.Show ProceduresLists all stored procedures present in the current database.Show IndexesLists all indexes present in a specified table.DescribeDisplays information about columns, such as column name and data type, for a specified table.rumitCommits the current transaction.RollbackRolls back the current transaction.

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