Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Creating a Web Service Reference Manually

To create a Web service reference manually:
  1. Navigate to the Web Service References page. See "Accessing the Web Service References Page".
  2. Click Create.
  3. Select Manual and click Next.
    The Create/Edit Web Service page appears.
  4. In Name, enter a name to identify the reference.
  5. Under Service Description:
    1. URL - Enter the URL used to post the SOAP request over HTTP. This corresponds to the soap:address location of a service port in the WSDL.
    2. Action - Enter the intent of the SOAP HTTP request (optional). The value is a URI identifying the intent. SOAP places no restrictions on the format or specificity of the URI or requires that it is resolvable.
    3. Proxy - Enter a proxy to override the application proxy for this service.
    4. SOAP Version - Select 1.1 or 1.2.
    5. Basic Authentication - Choose whether the Web service requires authentication. Select Yes or No.
  6. For SOAP Envelope, enter the SOAP envelope to be used for the SOAP request to the Web service.
    You can reference items from session state in the SOAP envelope by using #ITEM_NAME# syntax.
  7. For Store Response in Collection, enter the name of a collection to store the response (optional). The response is stored in the CLOB001 column.
  8. Click Create.
The Web service reference is added to the Web Service References Repository.

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