Sunday, 1 January 2012

Mapping of SQL Types

Although Oracle Application Server does not currently support LOB types, XMLTYPE, REF CURSORS, and OUT/IN OUT arguments (they will be addressed in future releases), you can use an alternative approach to expose PL/SQL methods and SQL types as Web services.
You can change JPublisher's default behavior to generate code that uses a user-provided subclass. For example, if you have a PL/SQL method that returns a REF CURSOR, JPublisher automatically maps the return type to java.sql.ResultSet. However, this ResultSet type cannot be published as a Web service. To solve this, simply create a new method that can return the result set in a Web service-supported format, such as:
public String [] readRefCursorArray(String arg1, Integer arg2)
  {java.sql.ResultSet rs = getRefCursor(arg1,arg2);
    ... create a String[] from rs and return it... }

Then create an interface that contains the exact methods to publish. You can use JPublisher to easily accomplish this mapping by using the following:
jpub -sql=MYAPP:MyAppBase:MyApp#MyAppInterf...

  • MyApp contains the method to return the result set.
  • MyAppInterf is the interface that contains the method to publish.
After translating the code for your application, archive all the class files into a single JAR file and use the Web Services Assembler to create a deployable Web service EAR file

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