Sunday, 1 January 2012

Features of the Database as a Web Service Consumer

Using the database as a Web Service consumer offers the following features:
  • Consuming Web Services form Java-in-the-database - Provides an easy-to-use interface for calling-out web services, thereby insulating developers from low-level SOAP programming. Java classes running in the database can simply and directly invoke external web services by using the previously loaded Java proxy or dynamic invocation.
  • Consuming Web Services from SQL and PL/SQL - Allows any SQL-enabled tool or application to transparently and easily consume dynamic data from external web services. After Exposing Web Services methods as Java Stored PRocedures, A PL/SQL wrapper on top of a Java stored procedures hides all Java and SOAP programming details from the SQL client.
  • Web Services Data Source - Enables Application and Data integration by turning external web service into an SQL data source, making external Web services appear as regular SQL tables. This table function represents the output of calling external web services and can be used in an SQL query.

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